Our Story

Our story

Miranda is an engineering, consultancy, manufacturing and R&D company focused in the treatment of water, wastewater and reuse of treated water.

Miranda was founded to address the escalating challenges of water management driven by global warming and diminishing water resources. Our commitment is to provide effective solutions both nationally and globally.

In 2024, Miranda’s Board of Directors chose to expand its international influence by partnering with Rainmaker Worldwide Inc’s Canadian Division. This strategic move was facilitated by the sale of majority control to Rainmaker Canada, a joint venture between US Rainmaker Worldwide Inc (OTC: RAKR) and  Viva Industries Inc. Michael Skinner of Viva Industries has been appointed Chairman. The combined expertise of Viva Industries’ Managing Partners, Rainmaker Worldwide’s executives, and the Miranda Team is now focused on amplifying global sales through an enlarged distributor network.

Miranda is dedicated to fulfilling the needs of its sector with precision and promptness, backed by a team of experienced technical professionals committed to total customer satisfaction.  

The name “MIRANDA,” signifying ‘worthy of admiration’ in Latin, embodies our team’s dedication to rectifying years of environmental neglect. 

Furthermore, it resonates with the legal principle of ‘Miranda rights,’ emphasizing an overlooked yet fundamental right: everyone’s entitlement to a clean environment. Our innovative wastewater treatment system, “MIRACELL®,” stands at the forefront of technology. Users of Miracell® contribute to environmental conservation by recycling wastewater into odorless, clear water for diverse purposes, such as irrigation and road cleaning, thus making a personal impact on environmental cleanliness. Our industrial clients benefit by meeting their cooling water needs and water requirements for concrete processes.

Why choose Miranda? The answer lies in the superior technology of Miracell®. It outperforms rivals by being more economical, quieter, odorless, and  aesthetically pleasing. Unlike many competitors, we ensure our wastewater treatment plants reflect environmental sensitivity not just in function but also in design. Miracell® offers customization in colors, textures, and functionality thanks to its corrosion-resistant and versatile manufacturing materials.

MIRANDA Produces;

Environment friendly, innovative wastewater treatment products with highest quality.

Highest Quality

We work and operate according to the terms of the ISO 9001:2008

7/24 Support

Our experienced team is always here for your support needs.

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Miranda operates worldwide via distribution network. Drop us a line and let's talk how we can cooperate.