Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR)

System is operated in a sequential batch reactor mode which eliminates all the inefficiencies of the continuous processes. A batch reactor is a perfect reactor, which ensures 100% treatment. The complete process takes place in a single reactor, within which all biological treatment steps take place sequentially. 

The complete biological operation is divided into cycles. Each cycle is of 4 – 6 hrs duration, during which all treatment steps take place. 

Explanation of cyclic operation: A basic cycle comprises: 

• Fill-Aeration (F/A) 

• Settlement (S) 

• Decanting-Idle (D/I) 

Wastewater treatment system units will be as follows; 

– Primary sedimentation & Equalization tank 

– SBR tank 

– Control panel ( compact with SBR ) 

– Disinfection Unit ( Chlorine Dosage )

– Sludge drying bed