Construction Sites

Wastewater Treatment For Construction Sites

Miranda biological wastewater treatment plants are securely used in construction sites and provide consistency with environmental legislations in the regions that do not have access to sewer networks. We also benefit our customers with recycled water in areas such as dust settling, concrete watering and construction site uses. Miranda systems also operate silently and with virtually no odor.

Due to Miranda systems’ modular nature, we offer construction companies the added advantage of mobility in which they can move our systems from site to site as work progresses. They can also be scaled up or down as the number of work crews increase or decrease during the various construction phases.  If the construction company wants to relocate our system, it would be better to use our aboveground system Miracell.  But if they want to leave it in-situ, they can certainly prefer to use our Dropbox buried systems which are underground.  In both cases, we offer significant advantages over septic systems.

Wastewater Treatment For Hotels & Holiday Resorts