The following represent questions we often hear from prospects and customers regarding Miracell® water treatment systems.

Yes, water treated through the Miracell® system is perfectly safe for use in your garden. The Miracell® water treatment process exceeds European Union standards for water quality (BOD <25 ppm – COD <125 ppm – TSS < 35 ppm). Our system disinfects water at two points in the treatment process, followed by a supplemental treatment action as a redundant backup in the holding tank. Our 100% quality guarantee offers you the option of independent laboratory analysis at our cost to certify your Miracell® system. In fact, while reclaimed water is clear and odorless much like tap water, it is additionally much more beneficial for greeneries due to its dissolved nutrients such as phosphates and nitrates. Consequently, your lawns will look much more healthy and green with reclaimed water.

Yes, after the removal of pollutants, dirt and other organic materials, processed water is passed through a specially designed sedimentation tank containing lamella separators, followed by a sand filter to obtain “odorless and clear” water ready for re-use. In fact, our customers are so satisfied with the clear, odorless water product that they fill fish tanks with treated water, where delicate tropical fish thrive.

No, water treated by the Miracell® System’ s is also used in other water reclamation needs such as golf course irrigation, landscape ponds, cooling towers, vehicle washing, mixing and hydrating concrete and road cleaning.

It is true that conventional open-air wastewater treatment systems often have odor and mosquito problems, due to the use of open ponds and aeration diffusers. However, the Miracell® modular systems are NOT subject to these problems. This is because Miracell® systems operate in sealed containers with rotating biological discs that require no aeration by diffusers. Consequently, they do not pose any odor and/or mosquito problems.

No. In Miracell® systems, we use an electric motor with a reduction gear which rotates at very low speeds (4-6 rotations in a minute), resulting in very low noise levels. Due to this reason, the level of noise is only 65-70 dBA, which is the equivalent of normal conversation levels in your living room.

No. To the contrary, we have received nothing but complements and accolades from our customers. Miracell® systems are used in many hotels, holiday resorts, residential developments and industrial facilities, where quiet, maintenance-free operation is required. Significant advantages have been experienced by our customers; the most important of these is a substantial savings from reduced monthly utility bills and avoiding large capital expenditures in connecting to municipal sanitation grids.

Specialized technicians are not needed to operate Miracell® Systems. It is sufficient to carry-out the simple tasks indicated in the “Operation and Maintenance Manual” provided to the customers after installation. Miracell® Systems operational costs are extremely low. Based on the model and capacity, the treated water’s operational cost varies between approximately 0.14 €/m3 to 0.20 €/m3. This corresponds to energy and maintenance inclusive cost of 4,869 € per season (6 months season) for a 1000 person equivalent system . This translates to merely 3.25 € per month per residence. In contrast, the comparative cost of municipal utility water and wastewater treatment can be up to 20 times greater per year, after amortization of the initial investment.

Due to the of Miracell® ‘s modular design, consisting of units sized for 50m3 water treatment / day (normal discharge use of 250 persons), the systems operates without any problems in holiday resorts or hotels, where the resident population fluctuates throughout the year. The system is adjustable by increasing or decreasing the number of operating modules, based on the incoming water flow.

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