Reverse Osmosis Wastewater Treatment Systems

Considering the increasing difficulty of accessing clean water, Miranda is committed to being part of the solution by offering advanced membrane systems. Among these, our renowned R/OCELL reverse osmosis water purification systems, ultra-filtration, and MBR systems stand out. Leveraging our extensive field experience, highly qualified personnel, and expert solution partners, Miranda is 100% dedicated to delivering the best technology, design, and products for long-lasting customer satisfaction. Our systems are designed to purify well water, brackish water, lake and river water, and even desalinate seawater.


With deployments in over six countries and handling various types of input water, Miranda boasts extensive expertise in logistics and rapid deployment, ensuring our RO/CELL Technology reaches your location quickly and efficiently.

Some applications of R/O and Membrane Bio Reactor systems are:

  • Bottled water industries
  • Soft drink manufacturers
  • Milk and dairy product industries,
  • Pharmaceutical companies,
  • Paper Production Facilities
  • Glass, textile, cosmetic industries
  • Cooling towers
  • Humidification systems,
  • Co-generation plants,
  • Hotel and restaurants,
  • Boats and yachts,
  • Desalination of seawater

Designed with the optimal product, technology, and design parameters, our automated systems operate with minimal maintenance requirements, delivering clean potable water to clients worldwide. These systems consistently exceed defined parameters and function reliably 24/7/365 without being pushed to their limits. Additionally, we implement advanced protection methods to ensure hygiene and safety.

Intelligent Resource Management For Reverse Osmosis Wastewater Treatment Systems

To further enhance the water quality of waste water recycling systems, we are also able to supply UF (Ultra Filtration ) and MBR ( Membrane Bio Reactor) filtration systems to our clients so that treated wastewaters can be safely used in landscape irrigations or cooling towers or any application where re-use of highly treated waste waters can be safely applied. Redundant disinfection methods are also applied in such cases so as to safeguard hygiene conditions.

Containerized Water Treatment System
Compact Water Treatment System
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