SmartCell Control Package: Elevate Your Water Treatment Efficiency

Empower Your Miracell® RBC with SmartCell

Enhance the performance and reliability of your Miracell® Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) with our SmartCell Control Package. This package seamlessly integrates with the latest Miracell® models, offering intelligent monitoring and automated controls. Retrofit options are also available to modernize older systems with cutting-edge smart water treatment technology.

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Overcome Operational Challenges with SmartCell Innovations

The SmartCell Control Package is designed to tackle common challenges in water treatment systems:

Prevent Unexpected Downtime

Unexpected system failures not only cause operational disruptions but also increase maintenance costs. SmartCell’s predictive maintenance alerts help prevent these issues before they escalate, ensuring continuous operation.

Optimize System Performance 

Fluctuations in water quality and treatment inefficiency are major concerns. With SmartCell, precise control and real-time monitoring adapt dynamically to changing conditions, ensuring consistent performance.

Enhance Safety and Compliance   

Maintaining the safety of your water treatment system and compliance with regulatory standards can be challenging. SmartCell’s advanced monitoring and automated controls maintain system integrity and compliance, safeguarding against potential environmental and safety risks.

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Key Features of the SmartCell Control Package


Precision Monitoring Tools:

  • Temperature and pH Monitoring: Ensures optimal wastewater treatment conditions, perfect for sensitive biological processes.
  • Vibration and Drum Slip Sensors: Detects early signs of mechanical wear, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Operational Excellence:

  • Unit Weight and Flow Meters: Delivers precise control over treatment processes, ensuring top performance.
  • Power and Voltage Monitoring: Keeps the system operating safely within electrical specifications, preventing potential hazards.

Advanced Automation Features:

  • Drum Rotation Speed Tracking: Adjusts automatically to meet processing needs, improving treatment consistency.
  • Preventative Maintenance Alerts: Sends automated alerts for maintenance, significantly extending equipment lifespan.

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Technical Deep Dive into SmartCell Capabilities


Enhance Your Environmental Control

Comprehensive Sensor Array:

  • Environmental and Process Sensors: Track ambient conditions and detailed wastewater characteristics to optimize system performance.

Advanced Connectivity Options:

  • Digital HMI Display: Offers a user-friendly interface for system adjustments and monitoring.
  • WAN and Cellular Connectivity: Facilitates remote management and troubleshooting.
  • SMS Gateway and Auto Dialer: Delivers real-time notifications and updates directly to your mobile device.

System Integration and Customization

  • Flexible PLC Integration: Compatible with PROFINET, PROFIBUS, and MODBUS, enhancing system integration and ensuring direct connection to your SKADA system.
  • Automated Sludge Removal Monitoring: Increases operational efficiency and minimizes manual interventions.

Customizable Monitoring Options:

  • Pump Status Monitoring: Prevents downtime by ensuring pumps operate efficiently.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Performance Tracking: Maintains water quality by monitoring UF unit integrity.
  • Sand Filters and Chlorine Dosers Monitoring: Ensures sand filters function correctly and maintain adequate disinfection levels.

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The SmartCell Control Package is your solution to more efficient, responsive, and reliable water treatment. 

Every project is unique. Contact us to discuss your SmartCell setup, and let’s optimize your water treatment process together.

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