Filtration Systems

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It is one of the membrane filtration methods. It is a segregation process which does not exceed a certain size and run with pressure. Ultra filtration has typically pore sizes between 10 and 1000 angstrom and molecules between 300 and 500.000 Dalton holding capability. In contrast to treatment methods such as nano-filtration and reverse osmosis, without causing any change in the chemical structure of water, it makes improvement in all physical properties of water at maximum level.

Thanks to ultra filtration technology, suspended solid materials in the water, turbidity, color pigments up to the 99% and above all, entire bacteria and viruses possibly present in the waters are removed. With this feature, it provides significant advantages in purification of spring water or potable waters.

Ultra Filtration Area Of Usage

  • For waters requiring sensitive filtration
  • Pre-treatment before reverse osmosis
  • Industrial solid liquid segregation distillation processes
  • Water output purified from microorganisms

Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter

Turbidity which is the most explicit contamination parameter in the water show suspended solids, organics, silica, residues etc. in the water. These contaminants are purified with the physical residue filtration units. Active carbon is used for smell, taste, color removal as well as organics and chlorine treatment.

Sand Filter and Activated Carbon Filter Area Of Usage

  • Supply of drinking and potable water for villages and cities
  • Supply of drinking and potable water for every kind of flats, residence sites and mass housings
  • Central filtration of drinking waters for big scale rec. facilities, hotels and holiday villages
  • Supply of good quality process water for every kind and scale of industrial plants
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