A Better Alternative For Septic Systems

Why Miracell Is A Better Alternative To Septic Tanks?

Due to poor drainage systems in some areas and also where sewage networks cannot extend to certain parts of the cities and towns, septic tanks are widely used to dispose of waste water in many homes. The location of these homes maybe near the urban centers as well as in remote areas.

Septic tank is basically an underwater sedimentation tank used for waste water treatment to allow the sewage water settle, decompose and drain through a drainage field.

Unfortunately, while the purpose of the septic tank is as described above there are many instances septic tank does not serve its purpose as it should. There are further complications where frequent emptying of septic tanks due to excessive buildup of sludge and solid waste prevents proper operation. Septic system failures via solid waste blocking the system drainage fields which are usually in your backyard.

Such failures in the septic system result in typical pictures as shown here and are not only an expensive affair but also sets the stage for waterborne diseases, not to mention the nauseous odors.

Septic system failures via solid waste blocking the system drainage fields which are usually in your backyard.


Installation of a septic tank may look easy but may be a costly affair while excavating a large hole in the backyard laying down the pipes and also preparing the large area to be used as Leechfield. 

Failure in any of these parts over the time may result in multiple maintenance and re-excavation of the failed sections of the system.

Finding a better alternative to septic systems;

Miranda’s state of the art, compact and scalable waste water treatment system.

Miranda has developed an innovative and compact waste water treatment system which operates with RBC-rotating biological contactor technology. Through the patented and innovative features Miracell system with its modular architecture durable and aesthetic structure is an ideal alternative to many septic systems. Miracell is easy to install and operate with minimal energy. Due to its modular design, an increase of capacity can be achieved easily for the growing communities if needed.

As opposed to septic tanks where settlement of the sewage is the main task of the system Miracell actually actively operates naturally by utilizing bacteria attached on its rotating disks to work with the sewage water while efficiently allowing the microorganisms to receive the much needed oxygen to strengthen their capabilities to decompose the sewage water.

Unlike the septic tank systems, settlement of the treated water comes in the second stage of the process via Miracell’s lamella based settlement tank.

Following disinfection of the resulting treated water, it can either be discharged into a nearby discharge area or further filtrated via sand filter and ultrafiltration to recycle the water. Recycled and disinfected water can be safely utilized for irrigation of the landscape, crops or discharge safely.

Operation of Miracell is very simple and require very little monitoring. Miranda have many installed systems operating around the world 24 hours a day/365 days a year with minimum maintenance. Due to the simple parts, aesthetic looks, minimal energy requirements, compact and modular as well as durable built Miracell has won an industrial design award in 2010 which to our knowledge was the only award given to a sewage treatment equipment design in the world.

Benefits for the Developer

  1. Additional lots for development(elimination of leech field)
  2. Higher margins associated with conservation of subdivision design
  3. Tax incentives
  4. Eco friendly projects.
  5. Sets a developer apart from competitors.

Benefits for the Homeowner

  1. Property values enhanced due to Municipal type sewage infrastructure.
  2. Water quality.
  3. Supply management improvements.
  4. Economic development and quality of life improved due to infrastructure restrictions.
  5. Availability of low cost recycled water for landscape irrigation

Due to Miracell’s capabilities in treating the sewage water more efficiently with a small area occupation with minimized maintenance, Miracell is a better alternative to septic tank systems in many applicable locations. Land developers, homeowners and the small communities alike can benefit as outlined below from a preference made for Miracell Sewage Treatment System compared to many Septic Tank Systems.

For a more detailed review of how Miracell can help your community, please view the presentation below;


PDF Version Of Slider

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