Solar Powered Wastewater Treatment

Miracell due to its light, efficient and innovative design features requires very little power to operate

With unique design implementations, Miracell waste water treatment system operates with solar power either via solar panels mounted on individual modules or configured to run on a system of modules with combined panels in a separate section of the system. This capability makes Miracell if not the only but certainly one of the few in the world implementations of a solar powered sewage treatment plant. The 0.25 kWh power requirement needed to operate each one of the modules along with patented unique design features enables the state of the art sewage treatment plant to be driven by solar power. 

Solar power driven sewage treatment capability can be applied for sewage treatment applications in remote areas with limited accessibility to power. Applications such as remote mining camps, temporary archaeological camps, temporary labor sites, and many other similar requirements of mobile groups of people as well as small remote communities with access to solar power renders themselves very well for this type of application. 

As seen in the pictures below Miracell has already found applications in village implementations where solar power driven implementation provides a continuous operation to this village sewage treatment plant where power outages are frequent. Also visible in the pictures is a Miracell module equipped with self mounted solar panels. 

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